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What is New??

I’m sorry this keeps showing up as the latest post. I will figure out how to change that soon 🙂 

Well….the election is over. I pray that he will do what is “BEST for our country” and make the best choices!

I for one am sooooooo glad it is over. I was getting very sick of hearing all the political ads (propaganda) on radio and TV. I have to say…I was very very disappointed in the press and how they handeled this election. But I should have expected it since we have been experiencing the same thing with the Real Estate Market.

Just a reminder…..you can not believe everything you read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is common knowledge that they have to sell papers and they have to get people to watch their station, so they will write or say “whatever” they need to to get your attention. We can’t blame them 100 % because we “as a society” seem to thrive on others success and FAILURE. AND…..we buy the papers and watch their news shows and un-reality “reality shows”.

 OK…..the good news is …..golf is still alive and well ….and…..the best way to relieve your STRESS and have FUN doing it! In California, this is a wonderful time of year for golf. The courses have been repaired and airiated and they are ready for you.

Speaking of golf courses….there are some really good buys in the OC on the golf course. Call me so we can talk!

Coming soon…..new golf course properties!!

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