OC Golf and Beach Properties

Orange County California Golf and Beach Properties

The Rain is making our courses GREENER!!

One good thing about the rain is….it makes everything look so GREEN. So, it great for the golf course (even though it may not be that great for your game!)

But it isn’t always the best thing for our Beaches. It is so sad to see how much debris washes up on the Beach after a good rain.  If we all do our part to use less plastic and styrofoam  and to recycle when we do….this will be a cleaner, greener world to live in. The cost of dredging the Newport Bay is outrageous and no one wants to pay for it. I think our neighbors who “dump” in it ought to help. Maybe then they will be more careful!

OK….back to golf!   For Sale: cute 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo is located on the Big Canyon Golf Course. in Newport Beach. It has a newly remoulded kitchen and Master bedroom…………..and wood floors throughout the downstairs   and amazing views. All for the great price of  $869,000.

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